[PlanetCCRMA] Only left channel sound with dssi plugins ?

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen@zonnet.nl
Fri Sep 15 15:26:01 2006


I'm new in this mailing list, so forgive me if this question has been 
posted here before. This is my first question here:

I have planetccrma packages installed on top of Fedora Core 5 on my Compaq 
Armada E500 laptop. Now I'm playing around a bit with hexter-dssi and 
xsynth-dssi. I'm getting sound but only on the Left audio channel. With 
other softsynths, without dssi, I have sound on both Left and Right audio 
channels. For example Amsynth and Aeolus sound fine. What's wrong here ?
How can I get stereo sound with hexter-dssi and xsynth-dssi ?


Martin Tarenskeen