[PlanetCCRMA] messed up my Yum config

Chris Howard chris@yipyap.com
Sat Sep 9 06:27:02 2006

This may be a stupid question... hey, there's always the potential!

I'm working with FC5.  I did the install, then did the yum configuration
as given on the unofficial fedora FAQ website.

Then I went to do the CCRMA yum setup and it didn't seem to work right.
'yum update' didn't find any of the regular FC5 updates.

I oscillated back and forth between the unofficial fedora FAQ
instructions and the CCRMA instructions.

Eventually I blew away all the yum stuff I could find and tried to 
reinstall an original Yum.  But!  I don't think I have things set up
right at all.  I'm trying to install some software and yum isn't
finding anything.


I would like to start again from scratch.  Can you all tell me
how to get yum.conf and yum.repos.d  all back to an original condition?
-or-  ship me a configuration that works?

lost in yum