[PlanetCCRMA] mLAN

Michael Sperone mike@mikesperone.com
Sat Nov 25 13:58:00 2006

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<P>I'm trying to get a Yamaha i88x to work with Linux.&nbsp; I've&nbsp;curr=
ently got FC3 with planetccrma installed (kernel 2.6.11 w/ the realtime pat=
<P>I downloaded the alsa-mlan drivers and am currently trying to compile/in=
stall it in my computer.&nbsp; I ran into a problem quickly... when trying =
to confirm and load my raw1394 firewire module, I see that it is installed =
because when I try to do an apt-get&nbsp;install for it, it tells me that I=
 already have the current version.&nbsp; But when I try to check the permis=
sions and load it, it tells me that file not found.&nbsp; I might be lookin=
g in the wrong place... I'm&nbsp;looking in&nbsp;/dev/raw1394 as per the in=
stallation file with the alsa-mlan drivers.&nbsp; </P>=0D
<P>Also, to compile the driver, I need the location of the alsa-driver sour=
ces and my kernel sources which I can't find.&nbsp; </P>=0D
<P>Basically I don't know where anything is.&nbsp; I've been looking around=
 online for any answers, but couldn't find anything yet.&nbsp; I'm hoping s=
omeone here can help.</P>=0D