[PlanetCCRMA] Re: ceres3

Kjetil S. Matheussen k.s.matheussen@notam02.no
Fri Nov 10 00:56:01 2006

na bob:
>> sed -i -e 's:/home/kjetil/site:/usr:' Makefile
>> make
>> make install
> Thank very much Kjetil for your reply.
> I see you are referring to ceres-0.46, which seems to
> me to be rather old. Ceres3 is much newer and was part
> of the ccrma-repo as
> Ceres3-0.28a5-1.rhfc2.ccrma.i386.rpm. That, and i had
> problems getting openmotif-devel and libsndfile-devel
> to install(the latter because libsndfile from ccrma is
> still installed - removing this file would delete
> almost all of my soundprograms!).

Wrong wrong wrong!! ;-)

1. Ceres-0.46 is the newest version of Ceres, released only a few days
    ago. Even if someone puts out a version of a program and puts a "3" at
    the end, doesn't necessarily make the program newer. Ceres3 is a fork
    of Ceres2, which was based on a very old version of Ceres. The
    development of Ceres continued even though someone forked it. With that
    said, Ceres3 has some functionality Ceres has, and vice versa, but
    Ceres is the biggest program of the three.

2. Installing libsndfile-devel doesn't uninstall libsndfile. (why would