[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Nvidia problem

na bob nabob_cd@yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 23:47:00 2006


3 months ago i was struggling with the same issue of
the realtime kernel and the Nvidiadrivers:
and i have stopped trying because it just seem not to
I had more susses with the rdt-kernel (still from time
to time strange hangups)but after updating to fedora6
(with it's kernel) i must say that i do not miss the
realtime kernel much. I prefer working on audio with 2
monitors and with some latency than 1 monitor with
low-latency. I guess the nvidiadrivers are asking to
much resources of the system for a realtime kernel to
Maybe i'll check out what are the issues with the
realtimekernel form Jacklab (SUSE) and Nvidia. 
However if you have succes please share this

greeetings, Menno 

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