[PlanetCCRMA] Nvidia problem and my first post!

izzy atorima@vfemail.net
Sun Nov 5 16:31:02 2006

Jason Russler wrote:

> Or keep a stock Fedora kernel with the Nvidia divers and a PlanetCCRMA 
> kernel with the OS drivers and boot the one you want.  If you're doing 
> low-latency audio, use the Planet kernel.  If not, boot the stock.
Yes, Thanks. that is what I have been doing and it is a pain. Also, I 
have a partition with 'another' OS as well as the  base Fedora and 
desktop and edge planet kernels. Even if I just use the 'nv' driver I 
find I must adjust the screen position, etc. if I boot the 'other' OS. A 
better solution to these problems will one day be found, but meanwhle...
> Some repositories (FreshRPMs and Liva) make the necessary changes to 
> provide compiled modules for specific kernels 
Fernando used to do this for the Redhat Planet kernels, I think. It 
would be more work, but would it be possible to do this again? or are 
there perhaps other issues with doing this?