[PlanetCCRMA] xruns

DA Forsyth sTeampipe@iwr.ru.ac.za
Sat Nov 4 11:55:37 2006

On 3 Nov 2006 at 7:21, Jan Depner wrote masterfully:

Hi Jan

> > This glitching is really worrying me, since I think it will get
> > worse if I insert Jamin for the mastering.   problem....!
>     I'm assuming that you've made the mistake of setting your
> frames/period to something way low like 64 or 128.  

it was.   but please explain more on this topic.  are you saying that 
for recording, that low setting is correct, but for playback it 
should be higher?  what about when overdubbing and one needs low 
latency while playing back tracks and recording new tracks at the 
same time?

> For mixdown and/or
> mastering you should set it to as high a value as possible.  If you
> have hardware monitoring (like with most of the ice1712 chipsets -
> M-Audio Delta 1010 for example) you should always set it to as high a
> value as possible.  I use 2048.  This should get rid of your xrun
> problem.

I have a Delta 1010LT.   I set it to 2048 (tried 4096 but jack would 
not start) and still got glitches, though fewer.   I've got a gverb 
plugin on 2 channels, both bypassed, enabling them doesn't make much 
difference, except during a parameter drag it will usually glitch.


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