[PlanetCCRMA] FC5 xruns

Link Swanson link@sumerianbabyl.com
Mon May 29 18:08:01 2006

On Mon, May 29, 2006 7:29 pm, Tracey Hytry wrote:
> Link Swanson wrote:
>> One more question: I'm using onboard nVidia 6100 graphics and I get a
>> "bleedthrough" effect: my sound crackles when I open windows, menus,
>> move
>> things accross the screen, etc. This occurs whether I'm using the "nv"
>> drivers or the commercial drivers from nVidia. Is there any way I can
>> relieve this? I do have another matrox PCI card I can use, but I'd
>> rather
>> use the onboard.
> I don't think I can help on that, but I thank you for the info.
> We can get the sound to crackle when moving an opengl box around the
> screen while using the nvidia drivers.  These are with nvidia cards of
> various flavors.  There are no xruns on jack, everything looks fine on the
> machine, while the audio output stutters.  We're using pci sound cards on
> the machines.  Setting the pci latency for the video card back to a sane
> level after X was started did not help.
> This used to happen with the FC3 setup especially on nvidia mother board
> chip sets the most.  I need to test this out using FC4 and FC5 sometime to
> see if the problems are still there.  I always thought this was an nvidia
> driver problem but you are also getting it using the nv drivers.  Thanks
> for the info.

I just tried it using my Matrox G450 PCI video card and I get the same
thing so now I'm really stumped. Probably an interrupt issue with my mobo.


> Tracey.
> Favorite rant:  "Nvidia seems to think that gaming frames/second is the
> only thing that matters in a system, and doesn't seem to care how much
> thier stuff steps on the audio system.  There are no real provisions for
> tuning the video system and because the drivers are closed source;  there
> is no way that anyone can fix the problems.  Another reasson that Nvidia
> should open up thier drivers.  Or are they afraid that they will be too
> embarrased if people saw the sloppiness of the code and hardware?"
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