[PlanetCCRMA] software raid a good idea?

Peter Baumgartner peter@bssmusic.de
Sat May 13 00:57:01 2006

Chris Howard schrieb:
> I purchased a second identical SATA drive for my new
> system (Dell E510)  The motherboard has ICH7 raid on it.
> But from what I read, I can't get that running with FC4.
> I'm not sure I have the knowledge to attempt an FC5
> install of planetCCRMA at this point.
> Should I  
> 1 - forget raid (mirroring) and just use it as a second drive
> 2 - wrestle with FC5
> 3 - go with software raid
> ?
> Are there performance penalties for using either the ICH7 or the
> software raid for mirroring?
> Chris
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Hi Chris,
I ´d say, that depends on the number of tracks, you want to work with. 
On my EVO W6000 I get 16 - 18 tracks on a 10k Cheetah ;-/. Surprisingly 
a 300G Barracuda (IDE) makes more than 30 tracks. Let me warn you of 
softraid: It consumes the CPU power you need for JACK, plugins .......
And - beware of FC5 for now, it installs on the dual-xeon, but refuses 
to start up ( ..... starting udev -> bang, freeze). Better wait, until 
Fernando has trimmed it!

Just my two pence