[PlanetCCRMA] software raid a good idea?

R Parker rtp405@yahoo.com
Fri May 12 06:51:01 2006

--- Chris Howard <chris@yipyap.com> wrote:

> I purchased a second identical SATA drive for my new
> system (Dell E510)  The motherboard has ICH7 raid on
> it.
> But from what I read, I can't get that running with
> FC4.
> I'm not sure I have the knowledge to attempt an FC5
> install of planetCCRMA at this point.

I wonder how CCRMAatized FC5 is. If there's a kernel
and the user apps you require exist then consider
taking a minute to learn about installing. It's
probably easier than you think.

FYI, mirroring is not a data backup solution. It's
hardware redundancy. They are distinct. I mirror for
hardware redundancy and use rsync for data backup. If
a HDD blows up, I've got two. If you delete some data,
it's removed from both HDDs.


> Should I  
> 1 - forget raid (mirroring) and just use it as a
> second drive
> 2 - wrestle with FC5
> 3 - go with software raid
> ?
> Are there performance penalties for using either the
> ICH7 or the
> software raid for mirroring?
> Chris
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