[PlanetCCRMA] Hardware recommendations (or warnings)

Robert Foreman robert.foreman@gmail.com
Thu May 11 14:39:01 2006

I found this link particularly helpful:

Particularly the section on video cards. I ended up using the G450 just
because I had one laying around. But the important point, I think, is
not let the video interfere with the audio.

On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 15:56 +1000, Rohan wrote:
> I am currently spec'ing and building a machine to be used as an
> audio workstation, budget is not unlimited, but I would prefer to
> spend extra on the parts to save on software/installation
> headaches later on.
> The most probable soundcard is going to be M-Audio 2496.
> I am tempted to go with SATA harddrive(s), although cost may
> be an issue compared with the marginal gain in performance.
> The following are possibilities,  I'm interested in anyone elses
> experiences and thoughts.
> Intel Chip (P4 or P4/Duo) on Intel based chipset:
> Pros: o Intel chipsets have been very solid in the past.
>       o Intel integrated video well supported under Linux, and
>         should provide all the required functionality
>       o 'Native' 32bit mode, so will be getting the most out of the
>          chip without having to worry about ia_64 support in CCRMA.
> Cons: o Intel based PC motherboards aren't always easy for me to source.
>       o Intel based motherboards are sometimes more pricy.
> Intel Chip on nFORCE 4 chipset
> Pros: o Good reptuation for speed.
>       o Good availability
> Cons: o nVidia binary drivers (for things like SATA), are there any issues
>         with the RT kernel/CCRMA ?
>       o nv (very basic) vs nVidia binary (issues with RT kernel ?)  video
>         drivers (if using onboard video), otherwise extra cost for additional
>         video card.
> AMD Athlon64 on nFORCE 4 chipset
> Pros: o Price/Performance.
>       o Good availability
> Cons: o As above wrt driver support.
>       o Concerns about not 'getting the most' out of an athlon64 running
>         in 32 bit mode.
> AMD Athlon64 on VIA
> Pros: o (probably) best Price/Performance.
>       o Good availability
>       o Well supported
> Cons: o Potentially more stability and performance issues than nForce or
>         Intel.
>       o Potentially poorly supported onboard video.
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