[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora Extras

Anthony Green green@redhat.com
Sat May 6 16:56:02 2006

On Sat, 2006-05-06 at 16:38 -0700, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> Hey great!! Too bad you did not sync with me, I've been working this two
> last weeks on pretty much the same stuff. But there are things that I
> don't have which is great! What has delayed me this past week is work on
> the menu system (I'm pretty much done and I was going to release a bunch
> of packages later today).

I'll see if there's anything I should take from your spec files.

> If I may suggest a couple of things after a quick look, ladcca is not
> longer needed - I imagine it is there only as a result of previous
> builds?

Yes, I didn't submit that to Extras and don't plan to.  I built it for
vkeybd, but then realized it would better to port vkeydb to LASH instead
(which I did).

>  I would drop qjackconnect in favor of qjackctl, the later is the
> canonical jack server control app (and also sports a midi patchbay). 

Yes, I'm not planning on submitting qjackconnect to Extras either.  My
recent post to fedora-music-list lists the packages I've submitted so

> I
> added a patch for lash so that it does not need an entry
> in /etc/services for the lash service (it will use the default instead).
> You will be able to pick this later today from the srpm.

I'll grab that.

>  DSSI is now up
> to 0.9.1 and fluidsynth-dssi is a separate package (finally!).

Ok, thanks for pointing that out.

>  Are you
> planning on packaging the Hydrogen kits separately? I used to have a
> separate package but I merged them into the main package a while back...
> the example drumkits and demo songs are very useful for demos, with them
> (or at least some of them) it is easy to just fire up hydrogen and get
> sound out of it. 

I didn't know there was a PlanetCCRMA hydrogen package, so I wrote this
one from scratch.  I bundled everything in the hydrogen package (kits &
demos), for the same reason.

> Another question... have you tried caps with ardour? I'm having problems
> with that combination, selinux complains about something and the caps
> collection does not get loaded at all.

I'm one of those bad hackers who disables selinux.  I'll enable and see
what happens.

> What should be packaged today, at least till that patch makes it into
> cvs (that was going to happen a couple of days ago) is the clock_fix
> branch of Jack cvs. Otherwise Jack will have problems in Athlon X2
> machines...

You should mention this here:

> Thanks, most probably most of it will be "trimmed", right? There was a
> discussion long ago about keeping only a certain ammount of history in
> the changelog. I don't know what became of that - I think they were
> scavenging for space to avoid including one more disk in the base
> distro. 

Hmm.. I have no plans to trim the history.  Perhaps somebody will
mention this during the review bugzilla.