[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Laptop configuration

Kenneth aisforatom@gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 13:10:02 2006


    I don't think that I can be very helpful with any technical details 
but I suppose that a superficial answer is better than none at all.

    I used to run Fedora Core 4 i386 on an AMD64 3200+ laptop. However 
things got busy at uni, so I didn't have time to work up my linux 
skills, so I've dropped it for now.
    I've used Edirol's UA-5 and now the UA-25 with CCRMA and it's 
working pretty well for my basic requirements. Both sound cards are very 
alike. It's usb and they support two modes of operation with only the 
standard one working (for me anyways) on linux. Standard meaning 16 bit 
44.1 kHz duplex. No higher resolutions will work and no midi (through 
the UA-25).
    I've used the UA-25 with Ardour, mixing an 11-track recording, with 
very good results and also with Pure Data (both running through Jack) 
with seemingly only hardware based latency, but that's not really to do 
with the sound cards, though.
    So for basic standard use both soundcards are decent. Be adviced 
though that if you use the phantom power on the UA-25 there is a nasty 
high pitched bleed from the usb power supply at 12k. I don't know if 
this applies to the UA-5 as well, since that runs on an external power 
     But none the less I would recommend the UA-25 for its price, 
compact design and decent playback sound.

    Hope that was helpful.


planetccrma-request@ccrma.Stanford.EDU wrote:

>I asked about laptop configurations about 2 weeks ago, but I may have 
>been a little too technical.
>If you use Plant CCRMA on a laptop could I just ask you
>a) what laptop?
>b) what sound card?
>c) would you recommend it?
>Thanks. I want to get one now, but it must work well with Planet CCRMA!!