[PlanetCCRMA] Changing playspeed of a song to adjust pitch

Jose Alburquerque jaalburquerque@cox.net
Mon Mar 20 10:38:01 2006

kelly wrote:

> sox in.wav out.wav speed 0.95
> do a
> man sox at the shell prompt for more options.
> are you from albuquerque?
Actually, I was born in the Dominican Republic.  My father and mother 
are also Dominican.  I think my last name came from Spanish settlers who 
explored Hispaņola (the island where the Dominican Republic and Haiti 
presently are in) and came from a Spanish village called  "Alburquerque" 
(the Spanish spelling originally has an 'r' after the first 'u').  I 
also think that the city in New Mexico got its name from the same town 
in Spain.  But thanks for asking and thanks for the info!

Also thanks Jan, I'm now using both sox and audacity for exactly 
adjusting playspeed of the audio files.  Both methods work great!  
Thanks to both.