[PlanetCCRMA] Delta 44 and/or 66 and Jack

blindman jones erleichda@gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 20:14:02 2006

I read a HOWTO somwhere showing where to solder the one card to the
other so the clocks sync... but I am sorry I can not find the link
now... I did find this if it helps...


"Many people attempt to get more than two simultaneous inputs or
outputs by putting more than one cheap soundcard in their system. I
suppose this can be made to work, but I've yet to hear from anyone
who's really pulled it off without big problems. The trouble is that
each soundcard derives its sampling rate from a crystal oscillator
clock. The clocks in the two soundcards will inevitably not be
synchronized. You might think that 44,100 Hz is always exactly 44,100
Hz, but sadly, it's not. Your software doesn't know this - it thinks
44,100 samples from one card represents the same amount of time as
44,100 samples from the other. As a result, the sound from one
soundcard will gradually lag farther and farther behind the sound from
the other soundcard. If there's any sound common to both cards, you
may even get weird phasing effects."

<more info on the link above>

good luck!

btw, I love the my 1010 and didn't have to solder anything :))

On 3/14/06, Brad Fuller <brad@sonaural.com> wrote:
>  Roy Vestal wrote:
> I want to start my home studio and I've been eyeing the Delta 1010 as a good
> way to start. Money is an issue and although the 1010 is a VERY economical
> unit, I was thinking of the Delta 44 or 66.
>  My question is: Can I run 2 Delta 44's or 66's in one PC?  Currently all 3
> major online stores, musiciansfriend, zzounds, americanmusicalsupply, have
> the price points where 2x 44's or 66's are cheaper than one 1010.
>  If is multiples can be run, I can start with a 4 channel (44) and expand to
> 8 with a second, like a 1010.
>  You can, but I don't know if they'll stay in sync. There was a lot of talk
> about this on the linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
> mailing list. You might check the archives.
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