[PlanetCCRMA] nVidia video drivers

Tracey Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Wed Mar 8 17:59:02 2006

Jan Depner wrote:

> Run dmesg and I'll bet you'll see some messages that look like this:
> NVRM: Trying to sleep during raised irql!!
> NVRM:   are we holding a lock?
> NVRM:   skipping os_delay
> The NVIDIA driver and the RT enabled kernel don't work and play well
> together.  If you don't need to run 3D (I personally can't live without
> foobillard) just switch back to the nv driver.  I'm just living with the
> quirks at the moment.

To Link Swanson:

Hi again,

I have the same problems as Jan has with the nvidia drivers and RT kernels.  I suggested in a previous message that you try starting X manually because I suspect if the above kernel errors that Jan mentioned (I get them too) happen as part of the boot proccess;  that the kernel will be too busy to load the (broken)kernel module properly.

I'm not sure if my idea is correct, but putting your machine in a state where you(and the list members) can get a log of the error messages;  might give us a chance to see what and where the system is hanging on X startup?