[PlanetCCRMA] Which version of FC??? 1,2,3 or 4???

Mario Torre mppr_kris@tiscali.it
Mon Mar 6 04:43:01 2006

Il giorno dom, 05/03/2006 alle 19.49 -0600, Joe Fay ha scritto:
> Now that I've gotten FC4 installed on the computer, I'm just wondering which 
> is the MOST STABLE  version, and the easiest to setup and get going.  Do all 
> the issues get straightened out when I download the CCRMA package for FC4? 
> Or would I benefit and have a more stable system if I went back to version 1 
> or maybe two?  What are the benefits of each?  I will be getting DSL here 
> this week, so I'm looking forward to doing the download, just not sure which 
> one to download, and where it's at.  Can I get them all from the CCRMA FTP 
> site?  I think I saw the packages for 1, 2, and 3 there, but not for 4.  Did 
> I just miss it?  I use FileZilla, and like it well.  What do you all 
> suggest?
> Joe Fay


FC5 is coming (expected about the end of this month), and as time goes
by you will lost support for older releases, this may be or not an
issue, all depends on your needs.

New and old applications will be developed on new releases, will be
fixed, and require new dependencies.

Some sort of support is given even with old releases, thanks to
fedoralegacy, and sure, thanks to the great job of Fernando and other
ccrma users. So you are not left alone at all, really.

On the other end, I know that it is possible to run many applications
compiled on fc2/fc3 on fc4, and with a little if none of backporting
(usually you have to just install few packages and maybe compile them
with an older compiler), fc4 application can be run fine on fc2/fc3.

I think fc4 is a great improvement over the previous ones. It requires
more resources with gnome and kde and all the nice things it has, but
most of them are not really needed, and you can still use a light
desktop if you want.

The only issues about fc4 where about gcc4, as it has more strict
requirements about iso c/c++, so many common programming practices are
not tolerated anymore (I think that sometimes it complains too much...
but, well, it's all about standards after all).

This is likely to happen again as gcc4.1 will be shipped, so maybe a
transition release is better than the latest, so you may want to stay on
fc4 and wait for a few bug fixes before getting the fc5 (actually, I
will switch on fc5 the same day I get the iso, as I'm waiting for gnome
2.14, but it's just a personal taste).

Hope that helps!