[PlanetCCRMA] snd and ogg

Luc Tanguay lucus@sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 2 21:38:02 2006

I'm having some problem reading OGG file with SND.  When I try to open a 
OGG file, I get the error:
can't translate: can't translate /tmp/toto.ogg
  (Ogg Vorbis header: unknown (0x0) data format)

I've search the mailing list, but did not find any clue.  I tried with 
and without .snd initialization file.

Here's some info on my setup/machine, and the OGG file.

Packages (on a FC3 machine):
vorbis-tools-1.0.1-4 (includes ogg123)

OGG file info:
$ ogginfo /tmp/toto.ogg
Processing file "/tmp/toto.ogg"...

New logical stream (#1, serial: 070c40d2): type vorbis
Vorbis headers parsed for stream 1, information follows...
Version: 0
Vendor: Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20040629
Channels: 2
Rate: 44100

Nominal bitrate: 192.000000 kb/s
Upper bitrate not set
Lower bitrate not set
User comments section follows...
        ALBUM=L'oeil du zig
        COMMENT=Extrait avec Sound Juicer
Vorbis stream 1:
        Total data length: 4426748 bytes
        Playback length: 3m:19s
        Average bitrate: 177.531502 kbps
Logical stream 1 ended