[PlanetCCRMA] pure data and FC5

ciccolix ciccolix@tiscalinet.it
Mon Jul 24 00:45:02 2006

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano ha scritto:

> Pd 0.39-2 is now available for fc5 (but not yet the expanded externals
> collection). It defaults to alsa and will open a stereo pair of ports
> when started with "-jack" (it also can work with realtime scheduling
> with the "-rt" argument). 

many thanks !

> Pd & jack still need a bit of work (as before). Right now pd
> autoconnects to the alsa_pcm ports and you cannot change that, there
> should be command line parameters for port names and whether to connect
> or not. I think the needed stuff is there, there is just no connection
> to the command line yet. 

an other interesting thing to solve, could be that when start pd with 
the "-alsamidi" argument, the pd midi client dont appear in qjackctl (in 
the midi section).

For now, only if you clik on “aplly” in PD->MEDIA->ALSAMIDI you can 
connect pd (via midi) to something else. This is a very problem if you 
start pd with "-nogui" argument.