[PlanetCCRMA] FC5 shutdown

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jul 10 11:28:48 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-10 at 09:57 -0700, Brad Fuller wrote:
> There have been several threads about the shutdown problem (I think,
> regarding kernel 2133) but I haven't seen a solution.
> I too rcv a segfault when shutting down (any kernel) at line 215
> in /etc/rc0.0/K14alsasound.
> Fernando suggested stopping alsa before shutting down. Is there a
> better final solution?

I think the interim solution is to _not_ shut down alsa explicitly when
shutting down the machine. AFAIK the problem is a kernel panic when one
of the alsa modules is unloaded, so make sure the alsasound script is
not enabled:
  /sbin/chkconfig alsasound off

But I thought that that was only happening in the newer Fedora kernels,
right? (ie: not in the Planet CCRMA kernels)

-- Fernando

> (I also see that the alsa kmdl is not at ATrpms for the last two
> kernels. Is alsa now built in?)