[PlanetCCRMA] No more heavy metal on fc4

BJaY BJaY@safe-mail.net
Fri Jan 27 10:55:02 2006

This was my Lead setup on FC3 but, on FC4 with all the changes there's no
drive, I rekon the plug has changed, I think my levels are OK :

Tube preamp+tone controls
gain 8.9
temperature 0
bass 0
mid 0
treble 11.9
hi 0

Amp/speaker simulation
model 5
gain -13.5

room size .82
damping 0
wet .165
dry .391
Width .7

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I'm using FC4 CCRMA Jack-Rack 1.1.4 and I haven't been too impressed
with the distortions. Please post any configurations or settings that
make your axe crunch!



BJaY wrote:

>Just installed fc4 + planetccrma, went without a hitch, very slick. BUT, I
>loaded my guitar amp settings into jack-rack (includes Tube preamp
>emulation+tone controls) and the distortions gone all weedy. On full, I get
>a blusey crunch. The control goes up to 10, have the plugins been changed
>recently ? It used to scream big time. I'm back to using my RAT at the
>moment... Any help appreciated.
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