[PlanetCCRMA] RE: midi problems & Offlist

Nigel Henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Wed Jan 25 11:21:01 2006

I've enquired on the Alsa-user list, and it appears that the SBlive card that 
Dell have included is not likely to have a wavetable. This card appears to 
have been supplied specifically for Windows users, and uses Windows software 
to access certain features on the card. The best suggestion I have to resolve 
your problems is to buy an SBlive card using the emu10k1 driver. They are 
quite cheap, and probably under 20 bucks. I apologise for having 
inadvertantly lead you down a wrong path. With a proper SBlive, all the info 
I've given is correct, but please, make sure that the card you buy uses the 
emu10k1 driver, otherwise you will not be able to load soundfonts. Nigel.

Thomas. I'm not sure if you got this that I sent direct to you. I'm sending it 
again, and to the planetccrma list. This is the reply that I got from Lee 
Revell at alsa-user list.
My comment:
> Oh. (Expletives removed) So this SBlive that Dell have installed using 
> emu10k1x is a bit of a joke. I'll suggest to the guy I'm posting to on the 
> planetccrma list to get a proper SBlive using emu10k1. Thanks for the reply. 
> Nigel.
Lee's reply:
Yes, exactly, it's a complete joke.  Dell wanted to ship machines with
"SBLive!" sound and was too cheap to spring for real ones so had
Creative develop a "Win-modem" version that did everything interesting
in software.

Now all of Creative's new cards are like that.


Let me know how you get on. 20 or 25 bucks ain't here or there, and if you can 
get soundfonts loaded onto the card it's worth it. Think twice about Dell in 
the future. Nigel.

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