[PlanetCCRMA] Q: How to select files in GNOME?

D. R. Evans doc.evans@gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 17:11:02 2006

On 04/01/06, Luis Garrido <luisgarrido@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> To me it sounds as some funny permission thing. Try to log in as root
> and see if you get the same results.

I do.

It seems to affect all the GNOME file selection boxes. For example, if I try to
export a track in ardour and hit "Browse", then I see a box with my
subdirectories on the left side
and wav files on the side; clicking on a wav file causes it to appear
in the text widget (or whatever it's called) near the bottom of the
box. So that seems to be fine. But if instead of clicking on the right
hand column, I try to select a subdirectory, then nothing I do will
change the box at all. I can sit there clicking or double clicking on
subdirectories as much as I like -- nothing happens.

So... all I can conclude is that there's something hosed with the
GNOME installation. So how do I reinstall it without reinstalling a
bunch of ther stuff that seems ot be working just fine. (I've never
used apt before, so I am clueless about this stuffl I am used to