[PlanetCCRMA] The Yum and Apt Highlander battle

Christian Frisson theremin@free.fr
Mon Jan 9 05:56:01 2006


The subjective wars aside, I've been using apt-get / synaptic since Planet
CCRMA's debut and I'm been interesting myself lately into yum as it's the only
and prefered (sic) way for Fedora updates (for example using the Livna
repository). I've only tested its kyum and yumex GUIs so far: the two main
drawbacks I find in there are slowliness and less enhanced database functions
than in Synaptic (categories / state / filters)... It bet it's due to yum's

I hope repositories maintainers will all stick for the same one of the two only,
because I'm already starting to face package discrepancies... In other words,
how do you see it in the future, Fernando? ,-)