[PlanetCCRMA] Can't apt-get planetccrma-audiovideoapps-develfor fc4

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Feb 25 13:13:02 2006

> On Sat, 2006-02-25 at 10:46 +0000, BJaY wrote:
>>> Hi, I just tried to get the devel packages for fc4 and apt says the packages
>>> do not exists, I checked the repository manually and see 2005 and 2006
>>> versions, check with apt-get install planetccrma-audiovideoapps, says up to
>>> date.
>>> Any suggestions ?
>> What is exactly the command line you are using and the error you are
>> getting? It should be:
>>   apt-get install planetccrma-audiovideoapps-devel
> Thats the command line I use.
> I get
> E: Couldn't find package planetccrma-audiovideoapps-devel
> also, I get a warning about being unable to get an exclusive lock on
> /var/lib/rpm/Packages, I'm not aware of running any other install process. I
> did a dist-upgrade just before because the above failed because of a missing
> fox(?) library. This is all in an effort to build vst. I'm confused.

There's two issues (or maybe three?)

a) the problem with the exclusive lock, I assume you are running as root. 
Try, for example, just running "rpm -q -a", does it run and finish? Check 
that you don't have any hung rpm or apt processes that may be using the 
apt database. If there are no processes then maybe you exited improperly 
from rpm (or it crashed badly), check to see what you have in:
   ls -l /var/lib/rpm
if you have files named __db.* then erase them.

b) the problem with the fox library, there is a known conflict with 
freshrpms, fox and rezound (freshrpms has a newer version of fox that 
conflicts with rezound from Planet CCRMA)

c) not finding planetccrma-audiovideoapps-devel: make sure that you do 
have the Planet CCRMA repositories in your configuration files (maybe you 
commented them out temporarily?)

BTW, "-devel" will install most of the Planet CCRMA devel packages but 
perhaps not the ones you need. It is a good start, of course.

-- Fernando