[PlanetCCRMA] Jack - JackMix - XMMS/mediaplayer

Gwen Stouthuysen gwen.stouthuysen@telenet.be
Wed Feb 22 23:54:01 2006


I've some problems setting up a broadcasting set.

I want to use simple mediaplayers, I don't need to beatmix or so.

The setup I want to go for is using Jackmix with two mediaplayers.

I can start Jack and Jackmix. I can pinpoint XMMS to Jack. And when I play a song, I can hear it. 

But I don't know how to couple XMMS to a Jackmix port (it is not coupled as I can mute Jackmix completely and the sound continues)

And When I try to start a second XMMS this does not work. A second other player works and the two songs can be heart together, but the volume controls are both linked to the master volume = unusable.

Is there anyone who has gone through the same problems and could solve it?

I've tried to install real DJ soft but BPM-DJ has no sound, Beatforce 0.1.5 wants OSS (0.2.0 can't be compiled due to an error: anyone a tip?)

This whole thing is costing me credit at home,... and I have a deadline.

I'm running this on a P3 - 800 FC4 with CCRMA kernel.

Gwen Stouthuysen.