[PlanetCCRMA] RE: Can I use planet ccrma audio apps with Kubuntu

Bal Dobe baldobe2000@yahoo.de
Tue Feb 21 09:13:01 2006

Frank, I have installed Kubuntu and would like to install the planet
audio apps.

In a terminal can I just type 

apt-get install planetccrma-audioapps 

To install all the audio apps available on  planetccrma?



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Bal Dobe wrote:
> Thanks for the advice Frank. 
> I will give ubuntu a go, hey I have spent a lot of time on this
> So off to ubunto.
> Can I use apt -get to install all the music apps available on ccrma?
> am really after rosegarden and all the other stuff.
> Bal.
I don't think so Bal.  You'd have to look to DeMudi instead, and then 
apt would be your friend as would Synaptic, the GUI shell around apt.  I

have absolutely no personal knowledge or experience here but assume once

you popped the repositories into /etc/apt/sources.list you'd be good to

Again, I really didn't have to struggle with anything in Fedora 
Core/CCRMA since I selected compatible hardware and thankfully 
everything just worked, but I clearly remember prior to landing on the 
Planet, compiling Ardour from CVS and a bunch of other stuff, Jack 
before QJackCTL, fluidsynth before QSynth, the first versions of MusE 
and Rosegarden (the completely different version of Rosegarden the 
preceded the current one) and much more.  It was all manageable doing 
things by hand, and highly instructive, but far more work.

If Ubuntu works for you and DeMudi delivers the goods, you'll have 
stepped into a garden of earthly computing delights.  If this also 
fails, I'd have high suspicions about your hardware, irrespective of 
what it may have done before.  The range and complexity of problems 
you've experience are truly distressing.


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