[PlanetCCRMA] RE:ccrma on gentoo

linuxmedia4@netscape.net linuxmedia4@netscape.net
Mon Feb 20 22:55:03 2006

> Since one of the maintainers of the sound module portion of the
> kernel works for RedHat, it is probably much easier for the
> maintainers to keep a relationship there, I would imagine. Maybe
> gentoo would like to hire him away for alot more bucks? The another
> maintainer works for SuSe (Novell), who maintains the ALSA and
> drivers portions to the kernel so that would be a better choice, to
> my way of thinking, if a change were needed. Ric

If you're suggeting SuSE as a possible other distrob, then I would love 
that. I admit that the only distrobs I've used are FC3, (installed FC4 
just today) and SuSE. I don't know how SuSE compares to anything other 
than Fedora Core, but so far, SuSE is miles ahead. I can't imagine 
another distrob being so "complete" in it's approach. And it seems to 
reconize anything that I plug into it. With both FC3 and FC4, neither 
of them reconized my monitor. With both installs I had to copy my 
xorg.conf file over.

Actually, I used SuSE for 5 years and I could go for a while about how 
good a distrob it is. If CCRMA was looking for another distrob, I would 
put my vote in for SuSE.

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