[PlanetCCRMA] Re: FC3 ccrma runs very very slow.

David Slimp rock808@gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 05:56:01 2006

I don't know about the ata3/4 errors.

When I was running FC3, smartd was failing for me also.
I ignored it.

You say you've "loaded" the ccrma kernel.
I take it you mean that you've booted in to it, rather than
just installing it, but still running in the original FC3 kernel?

the "play" command I gave in the original "DAW in 2 hours"
post should still work... if all your proper mixer volume settings
are up, but it sounds like you've done that, so I think
someone more knowledgeable is going to have to answer that.

Sounds like other things are wrong too, if your system is
just crawling along.  What does 'top' show as your top
CPU hogs?  What does 'free' show as your free RAM/swap?

I'm going to be out of town all this next week, with poor
email access, so won't be much help until the following week.

Good luck !


On 2/19/06, Bal Dobe <baldobe2000@yahoo.de> wrote:
> Ok I have wiped all the FC4 installs and installed FC3.
> FC3 works ok on its own although I do get
> Ata3 failed to respond timed out 30 secs
> Ata4 failed to respond timed out 30 secs
> During boot and I also get
> Smartid     [failed]
> Anyhow, I loaded the ccrma kernel  2.6.10-2.11.rhfc3.ccma
> And this runs painfully slowly.  Every action seems to take ages and I
> am sure it is not running correctly.
> I also get no sound output from it.
> I have run alsamixer and turned everything up, I also turned the volume
> up on the volume control on the top right corner.
> I try to play sound from Applications>system settings>soundcard
> detection.
> I shall wait for you guys to respond before I go ahead any further and
> install the audio apps.
> Bal Dobe