[PlanetCCRMA] FC3 ccrma runs very very slow.

Bal Dobe baldobe2000@yahoo.de
Sun Feb 19 03:50:01 2006

Ok I have wiped all the FC4 installs and installed FC3.

FC3 works ok on its own although I do get 

Ata3 failed to respond timed out 30 secs
Ata4 failed to respond timed out 30 secs

During boot and I also get

Smartid     [failed]

Anyhow, I loaded the ccrma kernel  2.6.10-2.11.rhfc3.ccma

And this runs painfully slowly.  Every action seems to take ages and I
am sure it is not running correctly.

I also get no sound output from it.

I have run alsamixer and turned everything up, I also turned the volume
up on the volume control on the top right corner.

I try to play sound from Applications>system settings>soundcard

I shall wait for you guys to respond before I go ahead any further and
install the audio apps.

Bal Dobe


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