[PlanetCCRMA] fc4 and getting control of microphone questions

Tom Poe tompoe@studioforrecording.org
Fri Feb 17 09:53:00 2006

I have fc4 installed, ccrma loaded, and a cheap computer microphone in 
the microphone jack.

I have the system sounds disabled.  The microphone is active at the 
moment.  I can hear it through the speakers.  I cannot figure out where 
to go to control the microphone for use with Audacity.  Each time I set 
microphone on, whether through the applications sound mixer, or the 
volume control on the desktop, or run the command, /usr/bin/alsamixer, 
Audacity does not record, but it does play .ogg files.  When I set the 
microphone active either in the applications sound, or desktop sound, 
close, then open, the microphone may or may not be off.  Mostly, it is 

Somehow, I need to set the microphone/capture feature to ON, and then 
save the settings.  I think there's a file that keeps resetting it to 
OFF.  Any help as to where to find the key file at play, here, would be 
greatly appreciated. 

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