[PlanetCCRMA] PlanetCCRMA is ruining my life (or at leastmymachine)

Benjamin Hardy drycellbattery@yahoo.ca
Fri Feb 10 13:46:03 2006

Benjamin Hardy wrote:
>    I was using the Planet CCRMA repository with the Extras, Livna, and 
> KDE-Redhat repos. It's a bad idea to mix Livna with Freshrpms and the 
> rest of the RPMForge crew (Dries, Dag, PlanetCCRMA, etc), but I've had 
> few problems. I took the harder route just so I could get the latest 
> KDE packages, and unfortuanately, KDE-Redhat now depends on Livna and 
> Extras instead of RPMforge. My main problems were Xine I think. I 
> can't remember now if ffmpeg was ever an issue but I've had to 
> reinstall xine a couple of times because of some failing codec or dvd 
> playback failing.
>    I think this isn't so much a problem with you Don, but a problem 
> with Fedora. I heard that the Extras repository has no issues with 
> RPMforge repos so the problem is being fixed. Another thing to help 
> things along is to try the Smart and Smart-gui package manager. It's 
> supposed to be able to prioritize certain repos and packages over 
> others but I never quite figured out these features. I mostly stuck to 
> doing manual updates in smart. First I'd try a quick update hitting 
> the update button or whatever it's called to update the entire system. 
> The window to tell me about dependancies and what's getting updated, 
> removed, installed, and downgraded will appear. If I see something I 
> don't like, i.e. package x being downgraded or removed, then I'll 
> cancel and go in manual. You can try setting priorites on packages 
> like ladspa to make sure it won't replace your Planet CCRMA packages 
> with the Extras ones.
>    Alot of this information, like repository mixing or which packages 
> should or shouldn't be updated isn't easy to find and it's usually 
> found only because of a problem that was encountered to begin with. 
> Fedora Core is nearing 5 and these problems should have been dealt 
> with earlier. The problem isn't necessarily a problem with rpms, so 
> Gentoo isn't great advice to someone having issues with a rpm-based 
> linux distro. That's like telling someone have trouble driving a car 
> to pilot a shuttle craft. Sure, it's space-age and faster (umm, by a 
> bit in Gentoo's case), but it's complicated. If you want bleeding-edge 
> go for it, but keep in mind that system adminsitration will also have 
> to be something you're thrilled about. A lot of people just want to 
> use thier computer for something, not spend time tailoring their 
> computer. Gentoo is for a special kind of computer user, someone more 
> 133t than the rest of us. (I'll bow my head in shame, I couldn't even 
> manage to get Gentoo installed)
> Me, I'm just glad I have some open source sofware on my windows xp 
> system to keep my sane. Mozilla Thunderbird is great.
> Don Levey wrote:
>> planetccrma-admin@ccrma.Stanford.EDU wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 15:57 -0500, Don Levey wrote:
>>>> planetccrma-admin@ccrma.Stanford.EDU wrote:
>>>>> Indeed. See D1 and D2 here:
>>>>> http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/apt/FAQ.php#D1
>>>> Unfortunately, Dag doesn't seem to have the MP3/DVD applications
>>>> that I'm using, and the US-based Fedora Core repositories (well, any
>>>> official Fedora repository) won't have them either due to patents,
>>>> DMCA, and other considerations.  So Livna is it, and is
>>>> well-recommended by the Fedora User's list (on which both Red Hat
>>>> and the Fedora team have a heavy presence).
>>> Do you have a list of exactly which conflicts you are hitting?
>>> It of course may be possible to uninstall just the conflicting apps in
>>> Planet CCRMA.
>>> I shoud probably see what is conflicting in livna but I currently
>>> don't have a second of free time.
>>> Sorry for the problems.....
>>> -- Fernando
>> Well, it's the ffmpeg itself, as far as I can tell.  It contains:
>>     libavcodec.so.51
>>     libpostproc.so.51.0.0
>> Which give me errors when trying to update (at the moment) xine-lib and
>> transcode.  I've removed things for the moment; when I've got more 
>> time to
>> play with audio I'll try again.
>>  -Don
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