[PlanetCCRMA] MIDI provider from Java applications to JACK?

Paavo Nieminen nieminen@cc.jyu.fi
Fri Feb 10 01:25:02 2006

Hi all!

My first appearance on a mailing list (been shy...) is, surprise, a
request for help:

I look for what I think is called a "provider class" that allows a
Java-based MIDI application (e.g., a SysEx librarian) connect to the
sequencer system similarly to anything else that can be seen in the
MIDI Connections view of qjackctl...

It seems like a trivial task, so I guess I've been googling in
the wrong places. Whatever I find seems to want to connect directly
to the soundcard MIDI ins and outs, not the JACK connections thingy.

Can anybody provide a pointer impromptu?

  Paavo Nieminen  <nieminen@cc.jyu.fi>
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