[PlanetCCRMA] fluidsynth works, qsynth cant create MIDI driver

David Slimp rock808@gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 19:05:03 2006

Anyone have any ideas on why fluidsynth works fine,
but running qsynth (with EXACTLY the same config)
gives the error:  Failed to create the MIDI driver (alsa_raw).

I've double checked my settings in fluidsynth and qsynth, they are both:
audio.output-channels    2
audio.periods            16
audio.alsa.device        default
audio.file.name          fluidsynth.raw
audio.sample-format      16bits
audio.period-size        64
audio.jack.autoconnect   1
audio.jack.multi         no
audio.jack.id            fluidsynth
audio.oss.device         /dev/dsp
audio.input-channels     0
audio.driver             jack
midi.alsa.device         default
midi.alsa_seq.device     default
midi.alsa_seq.id         pid
midi.oss.device          /dev/midi
midi.driver              alsa_raw
synth.reverb.active      yes
synth.ladspa.active      no
synth.midi-channels      16
synth.polyphony          256
synth.sample-rate        48000.000
synth.verbose            yes
synth.chorus.active      yes
synth.effects-channels   2
synth.gain               0.200
synth.audio-channels     1
synth.dump               no
synth.audio-groups       1
shell.prompt             >
shell.port               9800