[PlanetCCRMA] Snd, pd, or CSound?

kelly khirai@ongaku.isa-geek.net
Sun Feb 5 11:28:01 2006

csound has good support for real time work too. its a compiled language 
so interactive coding while running is dificult. i haven't used this 
feature but i think python functions can be written into csound code. 
csound5 has been made reenterent, enabling its use as an object for Pd, 
as a vst object, an object for python & c/c++. someone is presently 
working on csound as an object for CLM, meaning, you can create running 
instances of csound inside these languages. there is a comprehensive 
manual at csounds.com, a good book, "The Csound Book" [targets at 
csound4], and a slew of tootorials (sic), to get you started. its a 
procedural language. my functional isn't very fluent yet, so i have used 
it more then CLM.

oh yea, 5 has jack support finally.

wondering, has csound 5.00  made it into the planetccrma yet?

kelly hirai

> Csound is somewhat like pd, but with better support for non-RT
> work.  Based on text-files, its easier to edit if using a good
> editor, although there's limited scriptability built in to the
> system.  When you need some specialised solution, you have 2
> options, if youre feeling lucky browse the web, orelse dive down
> to C, and rebuild an adjusted version of the whole app.

> -anders
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