[PlanetCCRMA] fc5 or fc6, i386 or x86_64

Tracey Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Sun Dec 31 19:45:02 2006

FC5 seems to be quite stable and most of the audio apps are built for it.  It's 32 bit all the way, but it works quite well.  As long as fedora keeps updates for fc5 it should keep working on newer hardware(computer and plugins).  After reading about what happened to fedora legacy and fc4 I wonder how long support for fc5 will be around though.

FC6 can be installed x86_64 and there are quite a number of 64 bite apps for it, but as Fernando stated, there is no low latency kernel for it.  It's the newest fedora and should be around for a while.  Also, I suspect we'll see more new apps there before they get backported to fc5.

My experience is that fedora-5 and the planet apps just work!  Easy to install and configure.  My experience with fedora-6 now that I've been playing with it the past month is that it does work, but not very well for audio yet.

Fernando:  Are there i386 planet apps put together for fc6?

If there are i386 for fc6 I would suggest looking into using fc6, only because you won't have to upgrade to the latest fedora next year.  On the other hand, using a real 64 bit system is kind of nice.  Decisions, decisions...

As an aside, I was looking through the config file for Ingo's newest real time kernel and it has many new things that I think would have helped when we installed linux(native, not parallels) on that macbook pro(dual core).  In the end gentoo 64 bit ended up on it in a round-about way, but we were in rough/uncharted waters.

The other thing about Ingo's newest kernel is that I tried to test it on the fc6 install and haven't been able to get jack to work with it.  But that was late at night and I still need to do some more tweaking.