[PlanetCCRMA] Installing different versions of jack

linuxmedia4@netscape.net linuxmedia4@netscape.net
Sun Dec 31 16:30:01 2006


I don't believe this made it to the list the first time, so I'll send 

I just upgraded from CCRMA/FC3 to CCRMA/FC5 (installed from scratch). I 
was disapointed to find out that a bug in the (same version) of ecasound 
(on FC3) with alsa now shows up when running ecasound (FC5) with *both* 
jackd *and* alsa. So I went to remove jack so I could install a 
different version of jack. It wanted to remove a bunch of programs that 
I would have had to install again. So I just built a version of jack 
into the default /usr/local tree. It didn't run correctly because of the 
old version still being around (yes... I was definatly running the new 
version). I then uninstalled jack and built the new version and then 
installed all the programs that were previously uninstalled. Of course 
jack was there and couldn't be avoided. But I don't think the new 
version of jack works when building it anyways (with or without the 
Planet install of jack).

Is there unseen versions of jack that I can install from the repos? I've 
read the yum man page and googled and can't find a way to figure this 
out. If not, is there any some way to install different versions of jack 
that work?