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Mon Dec 11 08:14:04 2006

from Fernando... a few weeks ago....

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Hi all, I have started publishing a few packages for Fedora Core 6.

NO, you should not jump to Fedora Core 6 right now, no reason to :-)

There are currently _no_ low latency kernels yet, not reliable enough
but getting there - as usual thanks to Ingo and other kernel gurus for
their hard work! Just use the Fedora Core kernel for now and tweak the
limits.conf file to be able to run apps with realtime privileges[*]

Some of the Planet CCRMA packages have migrated to Fedora Extras, I'll
try to make a list of that sometime (Jack, Ardour, Rosegarden4 and many

To get started (if you want to try things) install this for i386 (all in
one line):

rpm -Uvh

or this for x86_64[**]:

rpm -Uvh

Surf here for packages available:


(you'll find snd-motif, snd-gtk, snd-utils, clm-sbcl, cmn-sbcl, etc,

It is a start...
-- Fernando
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No kernels, yet, at planetccrma, you can try the stock FC6 which has
the REALTIME_DESKTOP enabled, or if you are bold, try one of Ingo's
realtime kernels and give feedback on how it works for you... use at
your own risk ;)


the newest should be -rt12 now... I have not tried it yet.

good luck,

On 12/11/06, Aaron Mehl <aamehl@actcom.net.il> wrote:
> Hi all,
> are there yum repositories for the planet for fedora 6?
> thanks Aaron
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