[PlanetCCRMA] NEWBIE: Tuning SATA Disks

DA Forsyth sTeampipe@iwr.ru.ac.za
Sat Dec 9 01:23:45 2006

On 8 Dec 2006 at 17:16, Bill Polhemus wrote masterfully:

> the docs seems relevant for EIDE disks, not SATA.
> Aside from "read-ahead," the other recommended settings using HDPARM
> don't seem to work with the SATA disks. Has anyone had experience with
> tuning SATA disks?

like you, I had no luck trying to tune my SATA drive.  I just left 
it.   As far as I can tell, the SATA driver does not have the knobs 
that hdparm is trying to twist.

my problem was with jack, not the hdd.   but by setting the right 
parameters, jack now works just fine.  P4 3Ghz, 512MB ram, 80gb SATA, 
Intel 945 chipset

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