[PlanetCCRMA] Joystick as MIDI-Controller ?

Reinald Gfuellner gfuellner@web.de
Wed Dec 6 01:43:00 2006

Recently I came across

	"In fact it's a really tiny piece of software that turns a
	joystick into a MIDI controller"

The Controller-Events produces can be routed by


	which comes from alsamodular and is part of planetccrma.

In fact it would be usefull if a utility like aseqjoy could be included
in planetccrma somehow: This allows to buy any Stage Piano and
use it as Masterkeyboard, even if it lacks basic Controls like a


Reinald Gfuellner schrieb:
> Does someone have experience in using a joystick to control
> general or synthesizer-specific soundparameters ?
> Are there any resources about this ?
> Thanks
>   Reinald