[PlanetCCRMA] and where is fedora core 6??

Jason Russler jason.russler@gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 10:32:02 2006

> For my part, latencies and X-runs have gone down since the switch

> > from 5 to 6 using the stock kernel and limits.conf.
> interesting. what sound card are you using? I have the 1010LT.
> If you are having success, I will have to dig deeper to see if
> something I have configured is effecting latency.

I use my system for synthesis and creation more than anything else
(I'm a bit of an academic nerd), consequently my sound card is an
Audigy2 - straight commodity stuff - I don't often use hardware
inputs.  What does your limits.conf look like, and what does the
output of top look like when you're recording?

You may want to pay attention to video configuration as well, often
the culprit in stealing cycles from a RT process.  X is a source of a
lot of change since FC5 - I use multiple displays with nvidia's
drivers which appears to eat up less processor than the OS drivers -
although Xorg still sits at the top of top even when doing nothing.

I do get x-runs sometimes when disconnecting JACK clients but have
otherwise been pretty solid.