[PlanetCCRMA] and where is fedora core 6??

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Mon Dec 4 18:53:02 2006


I don't use my audio apps for creating music, I record live shows and
use Ardour+JAMin to master those recordings to CD. Purely a hobbyist.
So, heavy duty realtime was never a big issue for me. the rdt kernel
from ccrma worked great for me, the rrt locked up my Asus P4PE though.

I had the ccrma apps on FC5 installed and eventually there were no new
ccrma realtime kernels coming out so I decided to try the most updated
FC5 stock kernel, 2.6.18-1.2200... the newest ccrma was
2.6.16-1.2080... to my amazement, the FC5 kernel worked just as good
if not better and I worked with that for a long time. It had enough
realtime features in it to work perfect for me with the only xruns
being when I was completed exporting in Ardour, I would have an
xrun... but I only knew that cause I saw it there in the log... I saw
a single xrun at the time the export completed... I never had problems
when playing back or during actual export.

So, when FC6 came out I was not so nervous about upgrading, because I
knew Ardour and JACK had moved to extras and JAMin would be my only
worry. I upgraded (actually I installed on a new harddrive) to FC6,
got the JAMin source rpm from ccrma and installed Ardour, JACK and
rebuilt a JAMin... btw, you must use the fftw/fftw-devel from extras
and not the fftw3/fftw3-devel found at rpmforge to rebuild the JAMin
src rpm on FC6.

But once I got everything installed, the limits.conf file updated and
started JACK and fired up Ardour... no good... constant xruns and no
amount of fiddling would fix it. I got it where they were few and far
between... but I still got them and the output would get tiny jitters.

So, I don't know if my succes on FC5 with ccrma apps BUT FC5 stock
kernel had to do with ccrma or the kernel or what. But the stock FC6
kernel + Ardour/JACK from extras is not working the same.

Luckily, I left the FC5 installed on another drive, so I can reboot to
mix shows... but I like many of the FC6 features... so I will be
anxious to test out any realtime kernels you get made Fernando. Wish I
had more to offer, I am not a kernel hacker dude... but if there is
anything I can test for you, be sure to let me know I will do my best
to help.

Thanks again for all your efforts.


On 11/29/06, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando@ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:
> Hi all, I have started publishing a few packages for Fedora Core 6.
> NO, you should not jump to Fedora Core 6 right now, no reason to :-)
> There are currently _no_ low latency kernels yet, not reliable enough
> but getting there - as usual thanks to Ingo and other kernel gurus for
> their hard work! Just use the Fedora Core kernel for now and tweak the
> limits.conf file to be able to run apps with realtime privileges[*]
> Some of the Planet CCRMA packages have migrated to Fedora Extras, I'll
> try to make a list of that sometime (Jack, Ardour, Rosegarden4 and many
> others).
> To get started (if you want to try things) install this for i386 (all in
> one line):
> ----
> rpm -Uvh
> http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/mirror/fedora/linux/planetccrma/6/i386/planetccrma-repo-1.0-3.fc6.ccrma.noarch.rpm
> ----
> or this for x86_64[**]:
> ----
> rpm -Uvh
> http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/mirror/fedora/linux/planetccrma/6/x86_64/planetccrma-repo-1.0-3.fc6.ccrma.noarch.rpm
> ----
> Surf here for packages available:
> i386:
> http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/mirror/fedora/linux/planetccrma/6/i386/repodata/
> x86_64:
> http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/mirror/fedora/linux/planetccrma/6/x86_64/repodata/
> (you'll find snd-motif, snd-gtk, snd-utils, clm-sbcl, cmn-sbcl, etc,
> etc)
> It is a start...
> Enjoy!
> -- Fernando
> [*] you need to (carefully) edit as root /etc/security/limits.conf and
> add these lines if they are not already there:
> ---- cut here ----
> # or (default) allow everyone access
> *               -       rtprio          99
> *               -       nice            -10
> *               -       memlock         4000000
> ---- cut here ----
> This will give any user permission to run apps with realtime scheduling
> and to lock up to 4G of memory.
> [**] but there are things that don't work yet (AFAIK) in x86_64, for
> example pd and friends, supercollider and who knows what else...
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