[PlanetCCRMA] mem usage in fc5

plutek plutek@infinity.net
Fri Dec 1 07:08:01 2006


i've just set up my laptop with fc5/ccrma, running the ratpoison  
window-manager. when i run top, after a fresh boot, i'm seeing 63  
processes running, and about 300Mb memory used. i've already disabled a  
bunch of unneeded services, and this seems to be about the best i can  
do. if i run gnome, services go up to 86, and memory usage up to 332Mb.

when i last kept records of this sort of thing, i was on fc3/ccrma, and  
i was down to 56 processes with about 175Mb memory used. on fc3, even  
before culling services, i was at 70 services but only 183Mb used. even  
if i ran gnome, the memory usage only went up to 250Mb.

so i'm wondering why 300Mb (out of 1Gb) is used by system processes,  
when i'm running a very light window manager and no desktop, and i've  
culled services -- seems awfully high to me.

what sort of resource usage by the base system are others seeing on fc5?