[PlanetCCRMA] lsmod results: help spotting probs needed

tom poe tompoe@fngi.net
Wed Aug 9 21:10:03 2006

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Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 01:46 -0500, tom poe wrote:
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> This is most probably not a conflict in modules or audio drivers but
> some setting that you have to make in the mixer for the soundcard (to
> properly "route" the microphone to the soundcard). From the command line
> you can use "alsamixer", I usually use gamix which has a gtk gui and
> exposes all the controls a card has (with the exception of high end
> cards like the rme). Search for something that is related to capture and
> microphone, you usually have to enable (unmute) the channel and raise
> the level. In cards like yours there's tons of settings and it is not
> immediately obvious what you have to do to enable capture. 
> I would also try something simpler to monitor levels than starting with
> audacity. 
> [of well, this might end up more complex... but here it goes anyway] For
> example start jack (using qjackctl). That will show you which ports are
> available. Then use meterbrige (it is a command line app) and connect to
> those ports to get nice realtime vu meters. Then use gamix or your mixer
> of preference to tweak settings in the card till you are able to see
> activity on the vu meters...
> -- Fernando
Hi, Fernando:  I'll try installing gamix, and see what settings look 
like.  Then, if no luck spotting the obvious, I'll install meterbridge 
and qjackctl, and experiment.  When I bring up qjackctl, and click on 
connect, it shows a nice graphical display of right and left columns. 
The microphone has two choices, capture_1 and capture_2 on the left, and 
playback_1 and playback_2 on the right.  Meterbridge wants me to run a 
command that uses
$> meterbridge [-r ref-level] [-c columns] [-n jack-name] [-t type] <port>+
I'm afraid I need some guidance, here.
-r ref-level "Use ref-level as the reference level for 0db on the 
meter." doesn't provide me enough info to know what it is saying.  Help???
-c columns - I'm guessing this is one column at a time for capture_1 and 
then I rerun with capture_2?
-n jack-name "use as identifier . . . Help???
-t [type]  I'm guessing I use 'vu' here
<port>+  I'm not sure how to insert port (is this where I put capture_1 
or capture_2?
Thanks, Tom

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