[PlanetCCRMA] soundcardquestion

y ya_@gmx.net
Thu Apr 13 18:24:02 2006

i am  selfmade electronic instrumenst maker&player and acoustic bass 
player from germany...www.federbass.de
the question  is:
currently i am working with two instances of qjackctl/jackd one as user 
one with sudo.
i am doing this because it seems to be the only way to acces the two 
soundcards at the same time...
is there somebody who had success with configuration throuigh .asoundrc 
to access two soundcards in the qjackctl control window who can tell me 
something about how to get that to work?
this thing with one qjackctl as user another one as root only works on 
fedora4/planetccrma. not on debian/demudi kernel not on rh9/planet 
ccrma. acutally it is quite nice because if one jackd crashes the other 
with the apllications startet with that id are stille there...
it seems to be not possible to start a second instance of qjackctl as 
other user with user rights.
maybe weird questions but it keeps my busy all time...