[PlanetCCRMA] audacity cursor problem

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Apr 4 13:06:00 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 22:28 +0100, BJaY wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >Im experienceing a problem with Audacity.  When playing back audio, the
> cursor
> >skips right to the end of the wave and doesn't follow the "play head".  The
> >audio sounds fine.  I've only noticed the problem since upgrading to Fedora
> >Core 4.  I have autoscroll selected in preferences.  Does anyone know a fix
> for
> >this problem?
> >Thanks a lot.
> >--Steph
> >System info:
> >2.6.12-0.21.rdt.rhfc4.ccrma
> >audacity-1.2.4b-1.rhfc4.ccrma
> I get the same sort of problem with the windows version (which I use becuase
> the Linux version does'nt work with jack).

The Linux version sort of does work with Jack (at least the one at
Planet CCRMA). It is not a proper citizen in the Jack world, you need to
enter the preferences dialog to set it to use jack _and_ you have to
have jack and the clients you want discovered running before you do that
(so you can choose which one to connect to - it won't autodiscover and
won't do anything dynamically after you set it). 

-- Fernando