[PlanetCCRMA] HDSP9652 and maybe driver problems

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Thu Sep 29 13:34:01 2005

Hi guys,

I have a RME HDSP9652 plus RME ADI-8 Pro under a FC3 PlanetCCRMA@Home distro 
and I am experimenting some problems.
Kernel used is 2.6.10-3 with real time patch, and the distro is up to date.

I use rec_imp 
to measure my chain: I simple connect ADI-8 Pro input to output and analyse 
the impulse response.
Well when first channel is used (i.e. input 0:0 output 0:0) results are 
pretty good while using other inputs outputs results are really bad.
Basicly I have a lack in low frequency: looking at HDSPMixer I notice that 
the input channel displays the signal only after some time the signal is 
played on output. This should be the reason of lack of low frequency: the 
impulse response is obtained by a logaritmic sine sweep test signal.

I contacted Ed Wildgooses (rec_imp creator), who supposed it could be a 
driver problem: I was wondering if it is a known bug or someone had the same