David Fraser davidf@sjsoft.com
Fri Sep 23 03:26:01 2005


No I haven't noticed a difference, I usually leave it running without 
You can set priorities on the repositories in smart which is nice if you 
want to avoid the problems you've been having (haven't tried it myself 


Benjamin Hardy wrote:

>Hey, I just started using it now. I was using yumex for a bit and decided to 
>try this. I have been naughty and have been mixing planet ccrma repo with 
>livna, extras, and kde-redhat to get the latest kde rpms. I've been running 
>into trouble though usually if I accidently update to a divx4linux package 
>from planet ccrma and all my other non rpm forge stuff doesn't like it , so I 
>can't watch movies. A pain, I almost feel like switching to Debian. I think 
>I'll switch everything to rpmforge and get a few packages from kde-redhat 
>(amarok, digikam, etc) but I think alot of those depend on stuff in extras 
>and livna repos. I'm very cross about this now.
>Anyways, David - do you find any notable advantages in using yum or apt with 
>smart? I mean, would a yum repo be more favourable than an apt, or vice 
>versa? I'm definately noticing a speed difference with using apt repos.
>I also like how smart can use the kde theme when launched in kde (is that 
>because of gtkpy?)
>On September 19, 2005 04:56 am, David Fraser wrote:
>>Hi Everyone
>>Just wanted to say I've been using the Smart Package Manager
>>(smartpm.org) on top of Fedora Core 4 with PlanetCCRMA.
>>It's working nicely because I can include yum package repositories as
>>well as CCRMA's apt repository, and update from all of them in a sane way
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