[PlanetCCRMA] Looking for softsynth automating capabilities

Un Worldly dj_unworldly@hotmail.com
Wed Sep 7 10:44:01 2005

I am relatively new to the linux audio programs, and still at a point where 
I dont really know my way around all those features, but I am searching for 
a specific functionality which I am having trouble finding. I would like to 
automate adjustments for various softsynth parameters, do things like create 
a composition which has a synth that adjusts say, cutoff and resonance of a 
synth's filter during the course of a song. There doesnt appear to be any 
capaility to do this in the sequencer programs I have tried so far, but from 
what I have found on google it seems to be a work in progress to add this 
ability. The closest thing I have found so far to what I am looking for is 
in ardour, where there are automation curves that I can adjust for audio 
effects, but ardour isnt really helpful for composition of a song because I 
can't use it to lay out a soft synth pattern and rearrange, I can only 
record audio from the jack output thus I cannot use the ardour automation 
for what I need.

There seems to be the ability to record parameter changes in rosegarden and 
muse, I haven't had much chance to try out this feature though. It might 
work for some things to hit record then move the controls by hand but this 
isnt as precise as I would like, I also would like to be able to slightly 
adjust the parameter movements rather then record over and over until I get 
it right. On windows I had fruityloops do this for me, I could bring up any 
knob on the screen and enter the "Edit Events" window to automate changes in 
that parameter, could even bind it to some plugins that allow the parameter 
to be controlled in various fun ways. I am searching for a similar ability 
in the planet. I can route MIDI and audio in all kinds of ways that I never 
thought possible before, but there doesnt seem  to be the ability to do the 
same thing with control automations. Perhaps I could bind the softsynth 
parameters I want to automate with MIDI controls, then use some MIDI 
software to control the adjusting of my synths, is there a program that does 
this nicely? I am looking for recomendations for ways to automate my 
softsynths parameter changes other than recording myself turning the knobs 
on my keyboard. If all the softsynth parameters responded to MIDI commands 
to automate them then I could just use rosegardens MIDI editor to control 
that with the MIDI messages and stuff, but I havent been too succesful with 
this so far.

I was wondering if there is something external to the sequencers which I can 
use for synth automation for the time being until the sequencers get the 
ability to do it, or if there is a feature or program on the planet that 
does this which I have not found yet. I would appreciate any clues you guys 
can offer.