[PlanetCCRMA] [Planet CCRMA] Recreating Propellerhead's Rebirth

Benjamin Hardy drycellbattery@yahoo.ca
Fri Sep 2 15:38:00 2005

Hello Linux music makers,
A few years ago when I was unemployed I had a chance
to try out a few audio apps. What I used most was
Rebirth to  create some stellar basslines and synth
loops which I later threw into Acid. I had fun,
however, most of what was available to me was
cracked/pirated software. I felt that I couldn't
continue on disrespecting the work of software makers,
and I knew I couldn't afford to buy software. So I
later learned linux and now I have planet ccrma set up
with kde and qjackctl, rosegarden, and a ton of other
Now what I want to do is recreate the basslines I
created with rebirth. I wrote down the notes and
settings, and now it's a matter of putting it into
rosegarden and using some synth and fx to make the
sound. One route I'm trying is to use zynaddsubfx
because it has it's own effects. Some of my basslines
used distortion, delay, and the pcf (pattern control
filter). Zynaddsubfx is an awesome softsynth but it
has such a steep learning curve. My other option is to
try amsynth but I can't seem to get jackrack to
connect to it and rosegarden. Recreating the pcf is
difficult too, and I can't get the synths to sound
anything like what I did in rebirth.
gives some ideas on what exactly the pcf does, i
couldn't explain it so well.
A dumb question I have is how can I get Rosegarden to
make slide notes in the matrix editor. The 'slide'
notes in rebirth are basically legatto, so do I just
overlap notes?


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